We’re Moving to Charleston

Well, I have just about the most exciting news to tell you all!


This story really dates back to when we first started dating, when Kevin was in the military and ended up stationed back at Tinker.  And then he enrolled in a 4 year program at OU and we just road the wave… Oklahoma was our home.  We didn’t really have room to dream about living any where else, and hear me, we are HAPPY here!

We had babies, my mom passed away, Kevin graduated and got a job, we had miscarriages, but eventually life returned to as close to normal as it could.

My job requires a lot of travel and we decided to bring the kids on a 10 day trip through Hawaii for a wedding.  Honestly, something changed in both Kevin and I on that trip… that year we took them to three separate beaches and concluded… we have beach babies.  I grew up living 2 miles from the beach until I was a teenager and took it for granted.

So when Kevin carted me off to Charleston last spring, that was it.  We’d found OUR place.  Pretty soon, there wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t talk about moving.  I’d even written in my journal (before visiting Charleston) that if we were going to pick up and move, NOW was the time to do it.

And here we are.

I wanted to answer a few questions I keep getting about business –

  1. YES I’m flying back for weddings.  I have several fall weddings that will bring me back to Oklahoma and I’m currently booking for 2020 weddings in Oklahoma.  I still love ALL the amazing vendors I’ve had the opportunity to work with.
  2. Due to the move, I will only be accepting portrait sessions through April – ish.  I already have sessions booked on the weekends I come home for weddings which will keep me pretty busy while I’m back.
  3. I don’t have a lot on the calendar AFTER I move to Charleston, so I’m looking forward to meeting new vendors and taking pics all around the area.  Charleston is a wedding destination location, so I’m not concerned about filling my time shooting for any last minute elopements.

I am BEYOND thankful, and will likely share more about what Oklahoma has meant to me as a transplant Cali girl for the last 17 (WOW!) years!  So be looking for that.  Until then, here are some pics of our new home!


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