Ryan and Grace | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer | Magnolia Adam’s Photography

Y’all… here’s a little snippet from an email I received last December.  “I stumbled upon your instagram after I saw a senior shoot that you did for one of my Facebook friends years ago. I have followed you ever since then and it has been such a treat getting to watch your work evolve and grow right there on my timeline.  Even though I am still a few years from getting married I find myself frequenting your blog on a regular basis and I am always astounded by how beautiful the photographs are… I have obsessively stalked many photographer, and you are without a doubt my absolute favorite. I always am cracking up at your instagram stories and I am thankful for how genuine you are when talking about life and struggles. I just wanted to say keep on keeping on because you are doing absolutely fabulous… Hopefully can capture mine for me some day.”

I remember that day it brought tears to my eyes.  One of my biggest take aways from losing my mom a few years back was to always tell people how you feel.  I so appreciated this sweet girl, whom I’d never met sharing her heart with me.  So when she contacted me days after she said YES to Ryan, I couldn’t wait to start planning.  Grace you’re the sweetest and I can’t wait to capture your big day next year!


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