Maggie’s 6th Heart-a-versary | CHD | Magnolia Adam’s Photography

TODAY is Maggie’s Heart Anniversary!  6 years ago today, my husband and I handed our 6 month, 10 lbs. baby girl off to surgeons and prayed for the best.  She was born with a CHD (Chronic Heart Defect)… specifically a PDA, ASD and VSD.  A part of her heart is stitched together by Gore-tex… one of the strongest man made materials.  I fully plan on using that line during her teenage years when she deals with heart break.

Every year I try to get some snaps of her to commemorate how thankful we are for surgeons who worked extremely hard in school to be able to save kiddos like ours.

Recently we’ve also encountered a few other set backs with Maggie and I’ve thought a lot about the phrase “don’t worry they’ll get it someday”.  I heard this about potty training and learning your alphabet.  And while yes today she just took the reigns and taught herself how to swim in the deep end of the pool, other things have not come as easily.  I’ve had to step in as her advocate and it’s reminded me of all the hats a mom wears.

I know my website usually attracts brides, but just hold this nugget in your heart and pull it out when your time comes… when you’re a mom, sometimes you really just know better.  And you have to trust that.


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